US Funding Failure to Cause Loss of Lives in Ukraine

( – The Biden Administration has been continually trying to get a funding package sent to Ukraine in order to continue fighting the war with Russia. However, there have been many delays over this funding due to parties not agreeing on what the package should contain.

Ukraine recently spoke out saying that if the United States’s funding package is not approved by the Senate, then Ukraine can face hard consequences that will include the loss of lives on the battlefield.

Senate Republicans have been denying a bill that would send Ukraine funding, as well as send money to Israel and give some to help with border security. The two-year anniversary of the Ukraine-Russia war is coming up, which puts a lot of pressure on the United States to get this aid package approved.

It’s been said that Russia has used about 10,000 artillery shells per day while Ukrainians have only been able to use about 1,500 to 2,500 artillery shells a day. Mykhailo Podolyak, who is Volodymyr Zelenskiy’s aid, said “If you have a clear understanding that in the next three to six months you’ll have a particular number of long-distance missiles, for example, you can plan for which infrastructure targets to hit on the occupied territories. And when you sit here today with a deficit, and with uncertainty, you can only fight a defensive war, and this is a stimulant for Russia.”

Officials are worried as the U.S. election approaches and they are aware of the difficulty behind the election. Uncertainty around Trump’s allegiance makes this upcoming election a risk for Ukraine, and many are looking at it from the outside trying to guess the possibilities of what the results might be.

Many have said that this issue has persisted since the election of Donald Trump. One Ukrainian source said “It’s very frustrating; even when it comes to Republicans who were traditionally friends of Ukraine, classic Republicans. They know now that Trump has full control of the party and many of them are avoiding us.”

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