United States Still Sending Weapons Despite Ceasefire Resolution

(VitalNews.org) – The UN Security Council resolution demanded an immediate ceasefire, a hostage release, and also a large-scale aid delivery to the people there. The resolution was passed as the United States abstained from voting on it to allow it to pass.

With this said, despite the ceasefire being in the works and a resolution passed, the United States has still been sending bombs and planes to Israel. There has been no stop of production here, only a delay which was brought by the approval of an MK-84 bomb that could flatten an apartment block.

Knowing that the United States did not halt any of the production or shipment of weapons to Israel during this time made critics upset and they pointed out their unhappiness with Biden’s decision. Many have said that it is ironic that Biden would call for a ceasefire and send aid in, but also supply Israel with weapons.

In a vivid analogy, a Jewish American peace activist, Rae Abileah, said “It’s like putting a Band-Aid over someone’s tiny finger cut while you’re continuing to stab them in the chest.”

Officials have been asked many different times why the U.S. continues to support Israel with weapons without holding the help conditional on Israeli behavior. Most responses say that the United States is urging Israel to protect more civilians but that according to U.S. foreign policy, they should do nothing to limit Israel’s ability to defend itself.

Officials close to Biden have said that they don’t expect any change in the aid or weapons that are being sent to Israel. “He is not going to do it,” said a previous administration official for the Biden administration, “He fundamentally believes Israel has a right to defend itself, and he believes that in his heart.”

According to a former State Department negotiator, Aaron David Miller, “Biden considers himself to be part of Israel’s story, he has been involved for so long.”

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