United States Faces Dental Care Crisis

(VitalNews.org) – The chairman of the Senate Health, Education, Labor, and Pensions Committee held a hearing that spoke on dental health in the United States. Responses poured in during the hearing which proved that Americans are struggling to find dental care, and there is a dental crisis in the States.

Some examples of the responses that were given were “I can’t afford dental care” and “My insurance won’t cover the dental procedures I need.”

One person from Georgia said that she has had temporary caps on her teeth for fifteen years because she can’t afford to get permanent replacements. One person in Wisconsin said that it costs one thousand dollars per tooth to get crowns over his cracked teeth and insurance won’t cover the procedure.

In America, seventy million adults and eight million children don’t have dental insurance. Some people who do have dental insurance say that they find the coverage inadequate.

In older Americans, one out of five seniors have lost all of their natural teeth. Seventy percent of older Americans have some sort of periodontal disease. Forty percent of children have tooth decay by the time they reach kindergarten because their parents couldn’t find or afford dental care.

The dental crisis in the United States is something that’s affecting thousands to millions of people. Many Americans have found themselves traveling outside of the States to places like Mexico or Costa Rica to get the procedures they need.

However, those who travel to other places can still need help with issues. Although the work may be less expensive, the quality has to be immaculate or the person will develop severe pain and problems as a result.

A new dental legislation would help to expand the number of dentists in America to combat the dental shortage in the country. The legislation will also ensure that dentists will serve low-income houses and that they will give dental care to those who are on Medicaid. On top of this, the legislation would help to expand high-quality dental insurance in America, which could help many find dentists who cover the procedures they need.

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