United States and Saudi Arabia Talk of Potentially Historic Security Deal

(VitalNews.org) – The United States and Saudi Arabia are just days away from coming up with a historic security deal together. President Joe Biden has been focusing on this as a top priority since it would set off a new relationship between the States and Israel.

A United States official said that there was a lot of progress made regarding the agreement. National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan met with Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia and discussed decisions regarding Saudi Aramco, the Saudi Arabian Oil Co.

The Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that the decision and agreement is “almost final.” The first set of agreements in the document touches on defense guarantees and civil nuclear cooperation. It would continue to say that they’d normalize relations between Saudi Arabia and Israel. Another component would make a pathway for a Palestinian state, but of course, this is more complicated and contingent.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken said that the vision is to create a “calm in Gaza” as well as a “credible pathway to a Palestinian State.” Biden officials have planned to meet up with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Israel.

A source did say that nothing can move forward with the agreement and cannot move forward without a solution that includes a two-state solution that allows Palestine to rule the West Bank area and Gaza.

President Joe Biden has repeatedly said that he believes that Hamas launched the attack to stop Biden’s attempts to push for a Saudi Arabia-Israel deal that would not prioritize Palestinians.

Since Netanyahu is openly opposed to Palestine, it’s unclear what he will agree to but there is a lot of pressure for him to accept a deal. Biden hopes that Netanyahu will view the deal as an opportunity and a compromise on Palestine issues despite his personal beliefs and the concerns he has.

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