Union for University in West Virginia Is Fighting

(VitalNews.org) – Many students have found themselves having to change majors or courses because of a West Virginia university that has had to cut courses due to budget concerns.

One student who dealt with this was Christian Adams who had to change his entire major, which was originally to work in labor and immigration law. However, he had to make a switch after the university cut courses such as language courses from the school which led to Christopher changing his major to politics.

The West Virginia United Students Union is a union that was opposed to the cuts and they have organized protests and petitions and have saved a couple of teachers’ jobs before the huge cuts took place.

The union of students is disappointed, but they have made it very clear that they are not done and that they will not give up fighting. Says Adams, “Really, what it is for WVU is a new era of student politics.”

The group of students focuses on everything from affordable education to workplace safety concerns, making sure to have a variety of course offerings as well.

The university has dealt with a loss in revenue, has fewer people enrolling, and has dealt with losses since COVID-19. In response, the university decided to cut its courses, many of which are language courses.

The union has said that cutting courses isn’t upholding its mission as a university and the students will continue to look at the budget and re-evaluate where needed. “We know, when push comes to shove, the results of that are 143 faculty getting shoved off a cliff with one vote,” said Matthew Kolb, the Union Assembly of Delegates President and Co-Founder.

Adams said, “A lot of West Virginians feel trapped in West Virginia and feel like they have to leave — not a lot of people choose to stay here.” He continued, “I made the conscious decision to go to WVU to stay here to help improve my state.”

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