Ukrainian Official Arrested After Bribery Comes To Light

( – In a stunning and brazen example of corruption related to Ukrainian war spending, the Ukrainian Supreme Court Chief Justice was arrested for taking a $2.7 million bribe. Ukraine had a reputation for rank corruption before the war, and going back decades, but this new example seems to demonstrate that little has changed.

According to Reuters, Vsevolod Kniaziev was detained and being investigated by Ukraine’s anti-graft officials. While there is some question over the particulars, it seems like Kniaziev was not cutting in the right officials since his particular crime is being relayed to the media.

Perhaps the amount was just too much to ignore, or the potential scandal too great. The Special Anti-corruption Prosecutor or SAP said they discovered a complex scheme to bribe the members of the Supreme Court and that they were engaged in “emergency investigative actions” to resolve the issue. 

The money allegedly came from Ukrainian billionaire Kostyantyn Zhevago. He was arrested in France last December at the request of the Ukrainian government in Kyiv on charges of embezzlement. He denies the allegations and requested extradition be denied. 

It was reported in January that other Ukrainian officials were seemingly making questionably large purchases, including sports cars, high-value real estate, and other luxury items. 

A further 18 judges are now being scrutinized by SAP and other Ukrainian investigators. The news comes after a host of Ukrainian officials resigned or were charged with corruption allegations in January. Dozens of high-ranking Ukrainian officials have resigned or been forced out of their positions due to embezzlement and other misuse of state funds. 

Deputy head of the Zelenskyy government Kyrylo Tymoshenko is one of the biggest offenders whose sports cars and mansion have been symbolic of the corruption plaguing Ukrainian officials who pinch a bit of that international aid for themselves while their countrymen suffer the consequences of war. 

The Western press frequently downplays or ignores corruption in their attempt to support the war effort. The AFP has consistently reminded its readers that Ukraine is working really hard to stamp out the corruption, so we should keep sending them billions to help fight the evil Russians.

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