UK Stops Trade Negotiations With Canada

( – Canada has been negotiating with the UK on trading circumstances as they have been attempting to convince the UK to bring down their ban on hormone-treated beef.

Essentially, trading between the UK and Canada has been set since the UK was a part of the EU. Ultimately, the UK has paused negotiations with Canada now understanding that these negotiations will favor Canada more than the UK.

The UK government said that they “only negotiate deals that deliver for the British people”, and that they should be able to “pause negotiations where progress is not being made”. However, the British government did say that they would be willing to restart negotiations with Canada in the future.

The import taxes have been a huge concern as the two sides negotiate a deal with trade between the two countries that would benefit them both. The UK has been paying minimum import taxes as a deal with Canada begins to expire. For example, the UK’s arrangement for important cheeses just expired on December 31, 2023 and now they have a raised import tax of 245%. The same sort of deal for cars is set to expire in April.

The two countries have been talking about negotiations since 2022. A spokesperson for Canada’s trade minister spoke out saying “The UK is a long-standing trading partner and I am confident that we can negotiate an agreement that is win-win for Canada and for the UK. But let me be clear – we will not negotiate an agreement that is not good for Canadians – and not good for our Canadian businesses, farmers and workers”.

Many experts say that many UK farmers may find some respite in this decision, and it could make a huge difference. There are controversies on both sides and from both parties as the countries continue a halt their negotiations until they can come to an agreement that works for both sides.

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