UFOs and UAPs Take Center Stage as Whistleblower Hearing Begins

(VitalNews.org) – UFOs a.k.a. UAPs (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena) invaded the Congressional House this week due to a hearing regarding increased sightings.

One of the witnesses to testify was David Grusch, formerly a member of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency and an Air Force veteran. Grusch recently made international headlines after claiming the government has secret programs to recover and reverse engineer “exotic” technology of “non-human origin” and is keeping information from the public. He claims non-human species were also recovered.

Ever since Grusch blew the whistle, and after a recently claimed sighting in Las Vegas that went viral online, the phenomenon remains in the headlines more frequently. More lawmakers are now seeking information about the phenomenon, and the subject is becoming more mainstream.

After being ousted by Fox News in May, Tucker Carlson mentioned Grusch’s story on the very first episode of his new show on Twitter and believes the response to it by the media to be underwhelming. Carlson accuses the mainstream media of enacting strict control on what subjects are allowed to be discussed.

The House hearing was held at 10 AM on Wednesday, July 26th. It is titled “Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena” and according to the subtitle, is focused on what the phenomena imply for national security, government transparency, and the safety of the public. Three witnesses testified before lawmakers.

Besides Grusch, the other two witnesses were David Fravor, formerly a Navy’s Black Aces Squadron commanding officer, and Americans for Safe Aerospace executive director Ryan Graves.

Leading up to the hearing, the panel said it would focus on “[exploring] firsthand accounts” of UAPs and assessing how transparent the government is in regard to the phenomena as well as whether or not UAPs pose a threat to national security.

Another stated goal of the hearing was to “highlight legislative efforts” to make the government more transparent about UAPs and to provide the public with more information about the potential risks.

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