U.S. Top Labor Lawyer Won’t Succumb To Starbucks, Amazon, and SpaceX

(VitalNews.org) – The United States’ top labor lawyer says that her agency will not succumb to Amazon, Starbucks, and SpaceX’s attempts to challenge the National Labor Relations Board.

Jennifer Abruzzo has accused corporations in the U.S. of “jumping on the bandwagon” when it comes to legal challenges with unionization within companies. Lawyers who are representing businesses like SpaceX, Amazon, Starbucks, and Trader Joe’s have all said that the National Labor Relations Board is “unconstitutional” and that they are overstepping.

However, Abruzzo’s response was, “There is no way, despite our very limited resources and board agents being overwhelmed with quite a number of cases … that we’re going to succumb to the pressures imposed in addressing these challenges and in defending the constitutionality of our agency structure.”

Abruzzo has said that they are being criticized and shunned because they called out SpaceX for firing eight of their employees after they spoke up about workplace concerns. Following this, Abruzzo said that other companies like Starbucks and Amazon did the same thing.

SpaceX actually filed a complaint against the National Labor Group because of their complaint that the company fired these employees in response to a letter they wrote about workplace concerns.

The legal fight here could further delay union contract negotiations which have already been stalled by the big corporations.

Abruzzo added, “Unfortunately, it seems to me they’d rather spend their money initiating court litigation rather than improving their workers’ lives and their own workplace operations.”

She continued to say that the companies seem to be trying to steer the spotlight away from them so they are not held accountable for the laws they’re breaking.

Biden has made it clear that he thinks of himself as the most “pro-union president in history” and his administration combined with the NLRB has been able to reverse different policies that were put in place during Trump’s era.

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