U.S. No Longer in Top 20 Happiest Countries?!

(VitalNews.org) – The United States has plummeted 8 steps down on the list of the happiest countries, and hasn’t even maintained a spot in the top 20.

The U.S. is now below countries including Canada, Kuwait, Israel, Lithuania, and the United Arab Emirates, according to a recent Gallup report. The top 10 countries have remained in their spots from the last report.

“Costa Rica and Kuwait are both new entrants to the top 20,” said the report.

The report also says that the United States dropping out of the top twenty is because of the overall unhappiness of younger Americans; it stated, “For the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, happiness has decreased in all age groups, but especially for the young, so much so that the young are now the least happy age group.”

They also said that the main reason people are feeling this way is because of the loneliness epidemic and the effects on physical and mental health. They say that loneliness is twice as common now in Millennials than in the older generation. The results of this report were concluded after many people took a survey based on their happiness and the satisfaction of their lives.

They are analyzing multiple factors in these countries, including the nation’s life expectancy, economy, corruption, generosity, social support, and freedom. The top ten countries right now on the list are Denmark, Iceland, Finland, Sweden, Israel, Netherlands, Norway, Luxembourg, Switzerland, and Australia.

The least happy countries included places such as Zambia, Malawi, Lebanon, and Afghanistan.

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