U.S. Defense Contractor Allegedly Made Illegal Payments

(VitalNews.org) – One of the biggest military contractors of U.S. defense paid commissions to a Saudi company that has been accused of organizing bribes.

A court document used in the trial has stated that Harris Corporation, now known as L3Harris, paid commissions to the Saudi company for bribes for the United Kingdom’s royal family for almost twenty years. The Saudi company was named Fustoks, which is a Lebanese family that is close to a branch of the Saudi royal family.

The Fustoks’ company, the Arab Builders for Telecommunications and Security Services (ABTSS), was accused by British Anti-Corruption prosecutors of having handled bribes between 2008 and 2010.

The SFO, Serious Fraud Office, stated that “as an inducement or reward for the awarding of contracts by the Saudi Arabian National Guard.”

The main person who was receiving these payments was Prince Miteb bin Abdullah who is a Saudi royal. He was originally detained at the Ritz Carlton hotel in 2017 during their “Anti-corruption purge” but was later released after taking a settlement.

These documents and reports were part of a larger trial that was brought upon a UK company named GPT Special Project Management after GPT pled guilty to making corrupt payments to Prince Miteb. The total payments made by GPT was £30m.

The details regarding the exact services that were provided for the payment were not disclosed. However, it was shown that it was paid through a UK-Saudi deal called Sangcom. The documents said that there was a standard “contingent fee” on any contract with Miteb’s National Guard and it also gave details on where the funds should come from.

Some of the services that were spoken about and referred to as “important value-added services” were “logistics, key liaison language and cultural guidance and services”, “general managing support” and “documentation and visa support”.

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