U.S. Continues to Widen Sanctions to Prevent Partnerships With Russia

(VitalNews.org) – The United States opened up more sanctions and expanded existing ones against Russia, a strategic move before the summit in Italy, which will discuss support for Ukraine and less support for Russia’s war narrative.

The sanctions targeted Chinese companies which have been helping Russia in their war efforts with Ukraine. They pushed these sanctions to discourage any foreign financial institutions from working with Russia. It also targeted Russia’s financial infrastructure in an attempt to limit the amount of cash flow coming in and out of Russia.

Russia responded to the sanctions by stating that they would suspend any transactions that were in dollars or euros. The United States has sanctioned more than four thousand individuals and businesses since the start of the war with Ukraine. The goal is to suffocate the funds of Moscow to help diminish the amount of war power that Russia currently holds.

Aaron Forsberg, the State Department’s Director for Economic Sanctions Policy and Implementation, said, “We have to be very honest with ourselves that Putin is a very capable adversary who is willing to adapt and find those willing collaborators.”

Russia has been combating sanctions by finding businesses and people to work with that would help their supply chain. Sanctions haven’t stopped the flow of goods into the country, but they will make it harder for Russia to source technology and other items.

The sanctions package targets more than one hundred million dollars in trade between Russia and other suppliers. More than three hundred of those sanctions are targeted specifically for those in China, the United Arab Emirates, and Turkey from helping Moscow to have access to technology.

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