Two JetBlue Planes Collide on Ground at Boston Airport

( – On Thursday morning, two JetBlue planes experienced a collision at Boston’s Logan International Airport while on the tarmac.

The collision happened as the Flight 777’s left winglet hit Flight 551’s right horizontal stabilizer. This collision happened around 6:40 am on Thursday and was minor; officials acted quickly after the event happened. It was said that no injuries were sustained to anyone on either flight. One of the flights was headed to Las Vegas, where one passenger said he was going to work for a Super Bowl Event, and the other plane was headed to Orlando, Florida.

Casey Cunningham wrote on X, “An eventful morning for us passengers, but really grateful for the in-flight JetBlue crew who patiently answered passengers’ questions and constantly provided updates to us on board.”

“They are quickly getting a new plane for the passengers destined for Orlando,” he continued. It’s said that both planes will be out of commission for repairs following the collision. They also worked on getting those who were traveling to Orlando a new plane so that they could continue their flight as planned.

“A JetBlue aircraft entering a de-icing pad lane at Boston Logan International Airport (BOS) came into contact with another JetBlue aircraft on an adjacent de-icing pad lane, causing damage to one aircraft’s winglet and the other aircraft’s tail section,” a statement said.

This is not the first incident to occur at Logan International; just this past March two flights clipped eachother’s wings one was heading to Newark and the other was headed to Denver.

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