Tucker Carlson Marches in Solidarity in Spain

(VitalNews.org) – Former Fox News host and co-founder of Daily Caller Tucker Carlson was spotted in Spain marching along with thousands of demonstrators in Madrid who were protesting against their socialist-style government.

Thousands hit the streets on Sunday in opposition to a plan by the acting Prime Minister of Spain, Pedro Sanchez, who wants to grant amnesty to separatists in the Catalan region in exchange for their support. Carlson showed up at the massive rally and was photographed and recorded marching alongside the protesters accompanied by the head of Vox, a Spanish conservative political party.

During some of the footage captured of the former Fox News anchor, he could be heard telling one Spanish demonstrator that he feels “sorry” for their predicament. In a video interview, Carlson told another woman that he came to Madrid because the demonstrations were not receiving “the coverage it deserves.”

Carlson said that “anyone who could violate” their country’s Constitution and “potentially use physical violence” in order “to end democracy” is “a tyrant” and “a dictator.” He added that considering “this is happening in the middle of Europe,” he and his team “thought it deserved more coverage” than the story has received.

According to the demonstrators, the acting Prime Minister has decided to disregard the rule of law to gain political power. Sanchez tried to establish his own cabinet, but in order to do so, he will require seven votes from Catalan, a separatist movement looking to break away from Spain, which they tried to do in 2017 with an attempted coup. After the coup failed, Carles Puigdemont, leader of Catalan, went into exile in Belgium to avoid trial.

Sanchez said he would also grant amnesty to others involved in the coup who’ve already been arrested and convicted, as long as he can get the votes required to stay in power.

Fox News shocked the public back in April when they suddenly fired Carlson from the network. Carlson is now hosting a new show exclusively on Twitter (rebranded as X). Some of his controversial guests since launching the new endeavor include influencer Andrew Tate and former President Donald Trump.

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