Tucker Carlson Floats Ukraine War Theory

(VitalNews.org) – In one of his latest episodes of “Tucker on Twitter,” Tucker Carlson makes the case that President Joe Biden and his administration are throwing their lot behind Ukraine to continue the war in order to gain more power.

Carlson mentioned the fact that Volodymyr Zelenskyy announced that elections may need to be canceled because of the war, wondering what Biden’s administration thinks of this. He goes on the ask how they could “possibly continue to support” the president of Ukraine after making such a statement, pointing out that the government will do so anyway.

Those in power continue pitching the conflict as “a war for democracy,” according to Carlson while continuing to support Zelenskyy as he “casually” announces that “he’s happy to end democracy.”

Carlson said Americans shouldn’t be shocked by this, and that “wars for democracy” seem to “always cancel democracy,” which is why leaders and people in power love these conflicts. He even mentioned Abraham Lincoln as an example, who had habeas corpus suspended during the American Civil War. He goes on to ask his audience what “the real motive” is for the war in Ukraine, then answers his own question: power.

Everything can be justified in wartime, Carlson said, and politicians who wage war “become gods.” The former Fox News host also referenced the recent whistleblowers from the Internal Revenue Service and their allegations against Hunter Biden. The first son recently received a sweetheart deal, which Carlson believes clearly demonstrates a two-tier justice system that allows those in power to get away with whatever they want.

Carlson concluded his seventh episode by predicting that Biden’s successor will be someone he describes as “shallow” and “ruthless,” with the ability to flatter others. He believes the most likely candidate who fits this description is California Gov. Gavin Newsom.

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