Trump Plans to Pardon Himself If Charges Stick

( – Former President Donald Trump has said that in regard to the case where he is currently arraigned on charges relating to the mishandling of classified documents from the White House, he would not accept a plea deal unless it included specific conditions, such as damages. He also said during a TV interview with Politico that he foresaw that he may simply pardon himself if he won re-election in 2024.

Trump is currently arraigned on 37 charges, any one of which could potentially land him with a 10-to-20-year sentence if he were found guilty. Some pundits have already suggested that Trump could be facing a 400-year jail sentence which would be quite an inconvenience for a man of his age. However, there are numerous legal precedents that could mean that the charges may be ruled inadmissible when they eventually come to court.

The classified documents allegedly relate to information deemed critical to US national security, such as nuclear programs and military capabilities, as well as hypothetical plans for invading third countries. Trump has, however, maintained his innocence, saying that by virtue of removing the documents from the White House as President, he effectively de-classified them, something that would have been well within his remit at the time.

Trump says that he remains committed to staying in the 2024 presidential race, and since he currently enjoys a commanding lead in the polls, the Department of Justice (DOJ) has redoubled its efforts to secure a conviction. The DOJ made virtually no effort to investigate the alleged wrongdoings of the Clinton family, or more recently the Biden family, which now faces allegations of bribery and corruption related to the Bidens accepting millions of dollars from a Ukrainian oil company.

In addition, the DOJ has yet to investigate the findings of the Durham report on the “Russia Collusion” hoax, the results of which point towards what critics say is treason committed by senior Democrat officials.

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