Trump May Have Already Picked His Running Mate… And They’re Living Together?

( – Donald Trump’s running mate has yet to be officially announced, but the former president might already have someone in mind. The potential future vice president could be Kari Lake, an outspoken Trump supporter and former gubernatorial candidate for Arizona. According to sources close to Trump, Lake has been seen “practically living” at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home, raising questions about whether or not Trump intends to have Lake run alongside him in the upcoming 2024 election. Lake is currently embroiled in her own legal scandal as she’s facing a defamation lawsuit by a top Arizona Republican election official. Despite this, Trump could very well choose Lake to be his running mate, especially since his former running mate will be running against him in the upcoming Republican primaries.

Trump’s presidential campaign is well underway, with the former president even appearing at the most recent annual Faith and Freedom conference. During his appearance, Trump equated the Biden White House to tyrannical and was met with overwhelming support from the audience. Despite his ongoing federal and state criminal cases, Trump remains one of the most popular Republican candidates in the 2024 election, with only Ron DeSantis enjoying a similar level of support. Despite his lead over DeSantis, Trump’s popularity has begun to weaken following his various scandals from earlier in the year. While DeSantis has a sizable supporter base, Trump is still in the lead by far.

According to a poll conducted by Emerson College, DeSantis has actually gained a few points since his initial campaign announcement from earlier in the year. Trump’s popularity, in comparison, has dropped a few points over the past few months. Despite these differences, Trump still maintains a strong lead of fifty-nine percent support among Republican voters. DeSantis has a support total of around twenty-one percent, with the other Republican candidates being unable to reach a support percentage higher than five or six percent. While the Republican nomination is still available for any of the GOP candidates, it seems incredibly likely that Donald Trump will be the party’s nominee for the 2024 election.

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