Trump Looks To Remove Classified Documents Case

Trump Claims “Immunity” in Classified Documents Case

( – Former President Donald Trump has just claimed immunity, attempting to get the federal indictment for this case dismissed.

Trump is facing charges for 40 counts involving different allegations of mishandling important documents and retaining national defense information. He has been accused by special counsel Jack Smith of taking government records with classified markings to his Mar-a-Lago home.

Trump’s attorneys brought the judge reasons as to why his case should be dismissed. They brought up factors such as the Presidential Records Act, which could classify all government records as personal records as well, meaning Trump did nothing legally wrong by having them at his personal residence.

They also stated that Donald Trump could not and should not be charged due to Presidential Immunity and stated that if all presidents were charged for things they did while in office, it would limit Presidential decision-making.

“President Trump was still the President of the United States when, for example, many of the documents at issue were packed (presumably by the GSA), transported, and delivered to Mar-A-Lago,” the filing said.

More than 300 documents branded with classified markings were found by federal investigators at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home. The documents were found in places like the bathroom, ballroom, and storage room – where they found more than 80 boxes packed with documents.

Trump claims that charging him with these crimes he did while in office would change how a current president operates. He said it would “hang like a millstone around every future President’s neck, distorting Presidential decision-making.”

Trump has not been successful at getting his case dismissed as the judges claim that presidential immunity doesn’t say that a president can never be charged for conduct they did while in office. Trump has asked the Supreme Court for his case to be delayed as he requests other appeals but the verdict has yet to be decided.

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