Trump Admits Mistake in Choice of FBI Director

( – Former President Donald Trump regrets his decision to hire Christopher Wray as FBI Director according to statements made in an exclusive interview on Sunday with Maria Baritiromo on Fox News.

After firing James Comey as FBI Director in 2017, Trump nominated Wray for the position. Wray is now taking lots of criticism, especially from Republicans in Congress, following numerous reports that the FBI has been specifically targeting traditional Catholics and conservative Americans in general.

Trump, who once described Wray’s credentials as “impeccable,” was asked by Baritoromo during the interview if the former president thought “it was a mistake” to appoint Wray. Trump replied that “sadly, it probably was.”

He then blamed former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie for recommending Wray to Trump. The former president called Christie, who was once a big supporter of Trump, a “sad case.” Christie is also running for the 2024 Republican nomination for president, and Trump pointed out that the former New Jersey governor is only polling at 1% and won’t make it to the debate stage. He also addressed Christie’s criticisms of Trump’s failure to complete his controversial wall on the southern border.

The two GOP presidential candidates have been taking shots at one another for a few years, but the heat seems to be turning up now that the election is around the corner. Trump recently made fun of Christie’s weight, to which Christie responded by calling Trump “a child,” talking about struggling with his weight like many other Americans, and telling Trump to “look in the mirror.”

Last Wednesday, the House Weaponization Committee heard Wray’s testimony on the allegations that the FBI planned to target conservatives and traditional Catholic organizations. A leaked memorandum, which has since been redacted, accused some Catholics of susceptibility to anti-Semitism, white supremacy, anti-immigration, and anti-LGBTQ sentiments.

It was also confirmed by the Twitter Files released last year by Elon Musk that the FBI was in communication with Twitter and other Big Tech platforms that assisted the agency in suppressing what they considered “misinformation” and “disinformation” relating to the 2020 election, the pandemic, and targeting conservative voices.

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