Trial Date Set for Pelosi Attacker

Trial Date Set for Pelosi Attacker

( – The allegedly deranged man who allegedly attacked former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s husband, Paul, with a hammer will face a federal trial on October 23. David DePape of California is accused of breaking into the couple’s San Francisco home in October 2022 during the wee hours of the morning. Surveillance tape from the Pelosi home shows what appears to be DePape attacking Paul Pelosi, 82, with a hammer, sending him to emergency surgery for a skull fracture.

Audio of the 911 call Paul Pelosi placed was released early in 2023 and appears to demonstrate Pelosi’s attempt to speak in coded language to the dispatcher while his attacker was standing there. The dispatcher did not appear to understand the severity of the situation, and seemed to nearly dismiss the call before officers were sent to the Pelosi home.

DePape faces up to 30 years on each charge and 20 on another if convicted. The state of California is also prosecuting DePape, and if he is convicted will face a sentence of up to life in prison.

DePape has pleaded not guilty to federal charges of attacking a federal official’s immediate family and attempting to kidnap a cop.

The accused has also made cryptic statements about his apparent involvement in the attack. He recently told local news station KTVU that he attacked Paul Pelosi because “liberty isn’t dying, it’s being killed systematically and deliberately.” He then implied that Nancy Pelosi was among those killing liberty, and that he paid the Pelosis “a little visit” to have a “heart-to-heart chat about their bad behavior.”

DePape’s statements are often incoherent, but he appears to be confessing to the crime and showing sorrow that he did not go further. In what news reports have described as an “apology,” DePape said that he was responsible for the attack, that what he did was terrible, but he’s sorry he didn’t go to the Pelosi house “better prepared.”

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