Top Athlete Accused of Violent Assault

( – Conor McGregor, a champion UFC fighter from Ireland, has faced many accusations of violence – a string of alleged assaults on numerous occasions has led to his investigation by the authorities in several countries. But for the most part, he has managed to avoid conviction although he has had to fight off a string of lawsuits during his lucrative career.

Now the mixed martial arts champion, also known as “Notorious,” has been accused of violently assaulting a woman inside a men’s restroom this month in Florida during an NBA finals game between the Denver Nuggets and the Miami Heat. Lawyers for the woman claim that NBA security aided the attack by forcing her into the restroom where McGregor was waiting with a personal security guard.

However, McGregor has denied the allegations, and video evidence has emerged of the woman chatting amicably with McGregor before and after the alleged assault. The woman only reported the assault two days later, which has led many observers to suggest that it was yet another shakedown by one of the many opportunistic fans that hang around the MMA circuit.

However, the lawyers representing the as-yet-unnamed woman are adamant that a serious and violent assault occurred and have filed affidavits that go into lengthy and lurid detail about the events as they are alleged to have occurred in the men’s restroom. The woman also alleges that the security guards took her purse and “held it hostage” until she pleaded and begged for them to give it back.

McGregor is also accused of assaulting the Miami Heat mascot, a character known as “Burnie” who looks like a reject from the Muppets and is described in the team’s promotional literature as “a 7’6” tall red anthropomorphic fireball.” McGregor claims that it was just a playful half-time pre-arranged “skit” in which he pretended to fight the furry mascot; however, Burnie ended up in the hospital after McGregor landed a couple of ferocious punches.

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