Threats To Healthcare Workers Likely To Stay Elevated

Healthcare Threats At A High During Cultural War

( – There have been many reports of threats to healthcare workers, but analysts say that they are likely to stay elevated because of the cultural divide happening in the world.

Issues like abortion, gender-related care, and lingering COVID-19 debates have sparked a lot of tension when it comes to healthcare, according to federal intelligence analysts. According to a memo that was released from the Department of Homeland Security, the social issues and cultural war happening will “amplify the healthcare sector’s visibility as a potential target for attack.”

The analysis stated multiple different threats that healthcare workers could potentially deal with from harm to patients through compromised care, harassment and intimidation, and cyber attacks on healthcare workers or networks.

The DHS said, “Violent extremist threats against the health care and public health sector have diversified since the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, and will likely remain elevated in the post-pandemic era due to the expansion of medical-related ideological grievances.”

There has been an escalation of threats and harassment made to healthcare workers and hospitals such as faux bomb threats, violence through doxing, and also calls to execute different doctors, nurses, or physicians.

It’s been said that these threats are in line with an increase in public dialogue that focuses on different medical issues, such as abortion, which has caused a lot of debate on the civilian side and the political side.

John Cohen, a former intelligence chief at DHS, said “Our society is very angry and very polarized. An increasing number of people in the US have come to believe that those who disagree are the enemy, and that violence is an acceptable way to express their disagreement.”

Analysts also warn that these threats are not only hypothetical but also physical, as past events have transpired.

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