The Possibility of Ukraine Aid From U.S. Is Back on the Table

( – Since the government funding issue has been resolved and the government can focus on other things, the United States has brought up a push for a Ukraine aid package once again.

This aid package has been in the works and discussed for months now as the U.S. plans to send a package to their allies with a plan to send military assistance. House Speaker Mike Johnson held off on putting this funding bill into motion until after the government approved its own funding, even with immense pressure from Kyiv to push for the aid faster to ensure that they can maintain their position in the war.

The Senate has already passed the bill and there has been ongoing support for Ukraine from officials, however, some right-winged lawmakers opposed the aid package. The vote could potentially get a negative look from Trump supporters and Republicans in the White House. Trump did suggest an interest-free loan to be sent to Ukraine which Johnson said was a good idea.

“During my meeting with President Zelenskiy, I informed him that given the crisis at the United States’ southern border and our overwhelming debt, President Trump’s idea of turning aid from the United States into a no-interest, waivable loan is the most likely path forward,” Lindsey Graham, a Trump ally said.

There is still controversy over this deal especially because Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has spoken out against countries assisting Ukraine, and many officials and lawmakers are worried about what that may mean for us if the aid is approved.

The House Speaker is getting a lot of backlash already, and if he decides to go through with a vote, then this could cause even more issues for him as a speaker. There has already been a motion filed against him in order to remove him as the speaker, though it was said to be a warning if he pushed forward with the Ukraine funding package.

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