Texas Wildfire Areas May Be Breeding Grounds for More Fires?!

(VitalNews.org) – The largest fire in Texas, the Smokehouse Creek Fire, is almost contained after it’s spread over one million acres, but Texas might not see the end of wildfires in the area.

Officials have warned about “extremely critical fire weather” and said that the conditions brought on by the current fires could be the perfect conditions for more to break out over the Panhandle and surrounding areas.

The Texas A&M Forest Service said, “Today, the fire environment will support the potential for multiple, high impact, large wildfires that are highly resistant to control in the Texas Panhandle. A Southern Plains Wildfire outbreak is possible.” They continued to say that any additional fires breaking out could potentially make their suppression efforts unsuccessful.

The National Weather Service in Texas said that the grass is extremely dry and that wind gusts are expected to be high, which are the ideal conditions for fires, especially with low humidity. The service sent out a warning saying, “In particular, the southern Texas Panhandle is expected to see the highest fire weather threat. Please refrain entirely from any outdoor activities which could produce sparks or flames.”

The wildfire weather isn’t supposed to last very long as a cold front is expected to swoop in and lower the chances of fire weather. The state can’t take much more from the fires as it’s been costly for not only the state but also people who have been affected by the fires and have lost everything. Many farmers have also said that their cattle and crops have suffered from the fires.

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