Tesla Recalls Nearly ALL Their Vehicles?!

(VitalNews.org) – There has been yet another Tesla recall, following others, that has been announced by the electrical vehicle company, Tesla. Tesla just announced that it is recalling over 2 million cars, almost all of the cars sold in the United States, due to the instrument panel’s warning lights being too small.

Due to multiple investigations launched by The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Tesla has been experiencing a slew of criticism. According to documents that were released on Friday, the recall will be handled via a software update. It’s said that the font on the warning lights is too small and is not up to federal safety standards. This can make them hard to see and read, which could increase the risk of an accident.

The recall affects the new 2024 Cybertruck, the Model Y (2019-2024), the Model S (2012-2023) and the Model X (2016-2023). According to Tesla, owners will receive a letter starting March 30 about the software update and they announced that they’ve already started sending it out. There have been no reports of accidents associated with the warning light.

The NHTSA has been looking into Tesla and conducting audits results in multiple recalls, one of which included a software update that fixed a problem to keep drivers alert while using Tesla’s autopilot feature. In this case, there was an investigation launched that revealed multiple accidents occurred as a result of the Autopilot feature.

There was also a recall that affected over 1 million Tesla cars including problems with the automatic steering function and the door latch controls. There were many different reports filed regarding the automatic driving function that included people having to get their cars towed, having their cars stop and block intersections, and not being able to make turns in their cars.

The door latch recall was implemented due to the door latch not holding when in an accident, allowing the door to open during a collision. These recalls initiated a deeper investigation which revealed multiple issues in Tesla vehicles, and there are reports of thousands of complaints from Tesla owners.

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