Teen Who Murdered Her Father Out of Jail After Mere Months

(VitalNews.org) – A Michigan teenager who killed her father in a fit of rage has been released from jail following her court appearance, where she told the court that the “loss of [her] father” had “severely broken” her and her siblings. Megan Imirowicz, 19, was facing a life sentence for the brutal killing of her father Konrad Imirowicz, 64, after she covered the sleeping man with lye and water as he lay on their couch. The girl then fled the house and left him without help, but he was found by one of Megan’s friends several hours later. She called for an ambulance, and he was transported to Ascension Genesys Hospital suffering from severe chemical burns.

The burns were so bad that he ultimately needed both feet as well as part of a leg to be amputated; the burns also resulted in his suffering multiple infections and kidney failures. Konrad Imirowicz spent five months in hospital receiving treatment following the attack in October 2021 but died as a result of his injuries. His daughter was arrested after his death in March 2022. She initially denied attacking him with lye, trying to claim that she only threw bread at him in order to wake him up after he had been drinking heavily. Prosecutors later told a court that it was her father’s intoxicated state that had enraged her as he had been too drunk to take her to an appointment at a hair salon before an upcoming party for her 18th birthday.

Megan’s mother, Julie Conrad, who adopted Megan as a baby with Konrad Imirowicz, asked the judge for a lenient sentence for her daughter. She told the court that their family was already broken before the attack on Konrad and that Megan did not possess the maturity of an adult. Megan told the court that she loved her father deeply and had no intention of killing him, claiming that the prosecution had unfairly made her out to be a “monster”.

After Megan was found guilty in June of unlawful use of a chemical irritant resulting in death, Judge Victoria Valentine sentenced her to just 12 months in jail, with credit for time already served in the county jail. As Megan had spent 500 days imprisoned pending her court appearances, she was able to walk free after sentencing. The judge also sentenced her to 5 years of probation, mental and alcohol testing, a 9 pm curfew, and electronic tethering, and ordered her to enroll in a high school or G.E.D program. The prosecution had argued for tougher sentencing, requesting 7 years of imprisonment after willfully throwing a dangerous chemical over her father. Megan Imirowicz described the judge’s sentencing as a “miracle”.

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