Taxi Startup in Ohio Can Bring Fortune to the City?!

( – Dayton is a city that has failed to gain any traction despite adding hotels, more apartment blocks, and breweries. However, a new flying taxi service could bring more attention and interest to the city.

The city of Dayton is set to create hundreds of flying taxis annually thanks to a new startup. Joby Aviation is the company behind the flying taxis, called electric vertical takeoff and landing aircraft or eVTOL.

Joby says that they expect to hire over two thousand people to work at the new facility they are building in Dayton, Ohio. They said that there are a few reasons they chose Dayton as their home.

The company stated that “It has a tremendous history in aviation – it’s the birthplace of flight.” “Ohio is home to a talented and skilled manufacturing workforce, and we expect to hire and train a mixture of both local and national applicants,” said the company.

You can even expect to see this flying taxi at the Olympics in Paris this summer. The taxi is expected to change air travel and mobility for cities; Joby has said that they are the “Uber of the skies.”

Interest in flying vehicles has increased over the years with multiple startups attempting to lead the way in the industry. Experts say that the electric flying car industry will be worth over eleven trillion dollars in fifteen years.

These flying taxis can seat four passengers and can reach speeds of up to 200mph. In test flights performed months ago, it was able to make it from JFK Airport to Manhattan in seven minutes; it would take about an hour with a car, taxi, or subway.

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