Study Shows Pregnancy Ages You But Birth Makes You Younger

( – There has been a new discovery when it comes to pregnancy and its effects on women, according to new studies that were released.

These new studies have shown that being pregnant ages a woman about two years but just giving birth can set you back nearly eight biological years in age. The Yale Child Study Center published this study which said that at about three months postpartum a woman went through a biological change that made them up to eight years younger.

Kieran O’Donnell, an assistant professor and PhD at Yale, said “At three months postpartum, we saw a remarkably large decrease in biological age, by as much as eight years for some individuals, so while pregnancy increases biological age there is a clear recovery in the postpartum.”

With this said, not all women were affected the same way and those with a smaller BMI aged more than those with a larger BMI. Breastfeeding also seemed to make women age backwards more than others.

“First, we don’t know if the postpartum recovery effect is relevant for short- or long-term maternal health outcomes and if these effects accumulate over successive pregnancies. Likewise, we don’t know if the postpartum decrease in biological age is simply the system recovering to pre-pregnancy biological age or, more provocatively, if pregnancy may have a rejuvenating effect,” he continued.

Experts have said that chronological age cannot change but that biological age can fluctuate up and down. A study done on Cell Metabolism showed that mice had a decreased biological age after they gave birth, so it was determined that it might be possible for humans as well.

Although it may resemble “aging” it might not necessarily be the same sort of effect and it most likely has to do with supporting the fetus.

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