Spire Global Bets AI Will Improve Weather Prediction

Spire Global is betting on artificial intelligence to get more accurate weather forecasting as they announce their new partnership with Nvidia. Artificial intelligence has already been a key part in weather forecasting but new advancements in the technology could improve it substantially.

“What deep learning and neural networks and generative AI have done is they have shifted the power from those who have access to supercomputers a bit more to those who have access to super data,” said Peter Platzer, the CEO and co-founder of Spire Global.

He also said that partnering with Nvidia would make running certain programs that would normally take hours, to take only minutes.

Spire Global collects space-based radio frequency data which can be analyzed and also sold as a service. With this, Platzer has said that the opportunity here in the weather industry is huge and that the market for more accurate forecasting is in high demand.

According to Platzer, the partnership will help Spire Global to meet these goals. “It allows us access to their infrastructure to serve our customers better, with more valuable products and new use cases and then they access our data to improve their modeling, their machinery,” Platzer said.

It’s been noted that there’s no open cash flow between the companies and that the partnership is more of a collaboration between their technologies and capabilities.

The Nvidia CEO unveiled the first part of this new weather prediction program: a digital Earth that works with the open cloud platform, CorrDiff, and Spire’s satellite data in order to improve climate prediction.

Two investors helped the company to raise thirty million dollars, which Spire’s CEO says will help them continue advancing technology and growing their ability to be a profitable company.