Small Businesses Offering Summer Hours to Workers for Incentives

( – Small businesses have been using summer hours as an incentive to boost employee morale in the workplace. These summer hours typically consist of shorter or reduced hours on Fridays through the summertime. Not only is this a great way to boost morale and open up more opportunities, but it can make small businesses stand out among the rest.
Rue Dooley, a knowledge advisor at the Society for Human Resources Management, said, “When smaller employers have less resources and they want to be more competitive with attracting and retaining quality talent, they want to be creative with the benefits that they offer. And one of the benefits they can offer would be flexible time in the summer.”
The co-founder of Lalo, Michael Wieder, found that summer hours would work perfectly for his business since about seventy-five percent of the employees he has are parents. His employees work remotely and have reduced hours on Friday, as well as four-day weekends for many holidays during the summer as well.
He continued, “We know that childcare is harder during the summer. Summer is a time when people do like to take time with their family or take trips, and we want to be able to reward our employees with some additional time with their families.”
Corporate Ink owner Greg Hakim spoke out about his reduced summer hours and how he uses it as a retention and recruitment tool. He’s found that employees are often more likely to stick around because of summer hours, whereas other businesses have had a hard time keeping people as employees.
Many of the struggles come with these business owners trying to figure out the perfect schedule for their business, but so far many of them have found that summer hours or four-day weeks in the summer can be a great perk and incentive for many people.

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