Singapore Temasek to Focus on Early Adopters of Artificial Intelligence

( – Singapore’s Temasek, a state investment firm, said that most of its investment capital will keep going into the United States with them focusing on the early adopters of artificial intelligence.

Temasek didn’t give an exact breakdown of its exposure to United States assets, but it did say that the region in America will take up twenty-two percent of its portfolio. Their portfolio rose by almost four hundred billion Singapore dollars in their financial year. They stated that China has a “pro-growth” stance that will help aid their recovery during this.

Temasek deputy CEO Chia Song Hwee spoke out about challenges that China has and how they are mostly having challenges with demand in their economy.

China showed interest in companies and corporations that “drive domestic consumption or satisfy domestic consumption.” He stated that they will be focusing on companies that can only rely on the domestic market and aren’t looking to export to other countries.

With this, they have also stated that they are looking to invest in Japan as well since they have been popular with foreign investors. Deputy head of private equity investments in Temasek, Alpin Mehta, spoke out about their interest in Japan.
“Over the last couple of years, we’ve seen a pickup in private equity activities in Japan, and these are some of the funds that we are investors with. So our idea is to invest alongside them, do co-investments alongside them,” Mehta said.
Besides Singapore, most of Temasek’s investment went to the United States, India, and Europe.

Rohit Sipahimalani, Temasek’s chief investment officer said, “We need to have a balance of liquidity versus private assets. So there’ll always be a balance out there, but there’s no specific target that we have. I think we’re fairly comfortable.”

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