Senator Says Fanni Willis Needs to Be Defunded: STAT

( – A GOP lawmaker in Georgia is warning the rest of the country and the federal government that if Fulton County District Attorney Fani Wallis isn’t defunded, the nation could plunge into another civil war.

Georgia State Senator Colton Moore, who supports former president Donald Trump, said earlier this month that Republican Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp should declare an emergency session to investigate Willis and possibly have her impeached. Kemp hasn’t been on good terms with Trump ever since he failed to reverse President Joe Biden’s victory in Georgia in the 2020 presidential election.

Moore appeared on Steve Bannon’s War Room on Tuesday for an interview, during which he compared the indictment of Trump along with 18 others in Fulton County to “Nazy Germany” and warned that a Trump conviction could lead to civil war. Moore also boldly said he would take up arms if something isn’t done about Willis.

“We’ve got to put our heads together and figure this out,” said Moore, and that there will be fighting “in the streets” if action isn’t taken immediately. The senator said he does not “want a civil war” or “to have to draw” his rifle,” and that he wants to “make this problem go away” using legislation if possible. “The first step” to accomplishing that, he insisted, was to defund Willis “of any Georgia tax dollars.”

Moore also expressed hope that GOP Reps. Andy Biggs and Jim Jordan will stop any federal funds from going to Willis, who he says is failing to uphold “her oath to the Constitution.”

Trump and 18 co-defendants, including former New York City Mayor Rudi Giuliani, were all indicted on August 14. On August 25, he and other co-defendants turned themselves in to be booked, fingerprinted, and photographed. Trump then posted his mugshot on Twitter, his first post in over two years, and raised over $7 million in a day.

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