Sen. Kennedy Goes After White House With Perfect One-Liner

( – Republican Sen. John Kennedy appeared on FNC’s “Hannity” last Friday and made a controversial joke about the recent White House cocaine incident.

Kennedy was asked by Jason Chaffetz, a guest host of “Hannity,” if he would “be able to understand what’s going on” with the investigation of how a bag of cocaine ended up on the floor in the West Wing of the White House. Chaffetz also said his “guess” is that the Secret Service “already knows” how it happened but hasn’t told the public yet.

The senator quipped that he hadn’t “seen the news” that day, and asked if “more blow” was found in the White House or if Chaffetz was talking about the recent breaking story. Kennedy then said he was in the Situation Room before, that “there are cameras everywhere,” and that he is “pretty sure” they know who dropped the bag of drugs.

Kennedy then went on to joke that if his record “was as bad” as the Biden administration’s record, he would probably also give his staff “blow.” He added that he was “only kidding,” and that the Secret Service would figure out what happened. Kennedy also said that although he isn’t claiming the incident isn’t “significant,” it’s also “not earthshaking,” implying such activity is probably more common than the public may realize.

Chaffetz responded that they can make the story much bigger or “dismiss it,” but that his concern is that “they continue to morph their story,” saying the cocaine “was found here” and then “over there.” Chaffetz accused the White House of spinning the story rather than dealing with it head-on.

Former President Donald Trump weighed in on the incident with a Truth Social post. He asked his audience if “anybody really” believes the drugs found “very close to the Oval Office” were “for the use of anyone other than” President Joe Biden and his son Hunter Biden. He also said the “Fake News Media” will most likely downplay or spin the incident.

The cocaine incident sparks a wave of jokes online after the story broke, with a great deal of commentators attributing the drugs to the first son, who is well-known to have had a drug problem in the past.

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