Seattle Warns of Measles-Infected Travelers at Their Airport

( – Seattle & King County announced an alert after they were informed of an adult confirmed case of Measles. The case traveled through the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport after coming from Europe.

The confirmed infection came not long after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an alert for health officials after they discovered that the number of Measles cases so far this year has already maxed out the amount for the totality of last year. Seattle & King County stated that the infected person traveled through their airport between May 10 and 11.

Health officials have said that the infected person resides in Arizona and that they most likely picked up the Measles while traveling in Europe. Officials have given details on where the infected person traveled by stating that they went through S Concourse, the baggage claim, and, A Concourse.

Officials have said that if people believe they have been infected, then they should make sure they are up to date on their Measles vaccine, and they should call a medical provider immediately if they notice any symptoms such as fever or an unexplained rash.

They have said that if you were at the locations mentioned above between the dates of May 17 and June 1 you may have crossed paths with the infected person and therefore could have been exposed to Measles.

“From January 1 to March 14, 2024, CDC has been notified of fifty-eight confirmed U.S. cases of measles across seventeen jurisdictions, including seven outbreaks in seven jurisdictions compared to almost fifty-eight total cases and four outbreaks reported the entire year in 2023,” the CDC said in a statement.

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