Seattle Voted As Least-Religious Area

( – A Household Pulse Survey by the U.S. Census Bureau stated that the least-religious metropolitan area in the US was Seattle, Washington.

The survey was conducted in January and had thousands of surveyors showing that over 60 percent of Seattle residents don’t attend religious services. Seattle, Washington is one of America’s 15 largest metropolitan areas, with San Fransisco being the second least-religious metropolitan area.

A Seattle news outlet stated, “The southern parts of the U.S. tend to be more religious, so it’s not surprising to see three Sunbelt cities with the lowest share of nonreligious residents among large metros.” Many also touched on the fact that most states are split, with rural areas having more religious people and urban areas having fewer. However, for Seattle, it seems that both urban and rural areas are non-religious.

Washington state, as a whole, ranked number five for the least religious while Vermont and Maine were at the top of the list for being least religious. With this being said, many people might think that these numbers are quite surprising or that they don’t relate to a total population scenario, but that’s not the case. In fact, it’s been found that nearly half of Americans in the country do not attend religious services or go less than once per year.

The news outlet said, “The survey data shows only 35% of Black people nationally never or almost never attend services, the lowest of any racial or ethnic group. White people had the highest percentage, at 54%.” The survey also stated that most non-religious people tend to be younger whereas older people were more religious.

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