Schumer Vows to Address AI Regulation

( – New York Democratic Rep. Chuck Schumer, the Senate Majority Leader, means business on federal regulations of artificial intelligence (AI) systems, and he’s attempting to push something through Congress to make it happen.

In a letter on Friday morning, Schumer told fellow Democrats that he wants to organize a series of “AI Insight Forums” that will be bipartisan in order to inform lawmakers about the tech, which is developing rapidly, and get them up to speed. The first forum, scheduled for September 13, may feature Tesla and SpaceX founder Elon Musk, Meta founder Mark Zuckerberg, and other notable tech moguls.

Schumer said the forums are to “build on the longstanding work” by Congressional Committees to “stay ahead” of the “rapid development” of AI by “supercharging the Senate’s typical process.” He stressed that it would not “be easy” and would “be one of the most difficult things” undertaken by Congress, which he said “cannot behave like stitches in the sand” regarding AI. Schumer said the problem warrants an approach of “the same level of seriousness” as protecting the nation, creating jobs, and civil liberties.

Earlier this year, the Future of Life Institute put out an open letter calling for a temporary pause on the development of AI systems until proper protocols, guidelines, and regulations can be put in place to mitigate any possible negative consequences to society at large. The letter was signed by many developers and scientists in the tech world, including Musk as well as Apple’s Steve Wozniak.

Such AI applications as ChatGPT have raised concerns in the education system with schools and universities wondering how to contend with it. At first, their instinct was to push back, but now districts are starting to create guidelines to integrate the new technology into classroom lessons and projects.

As the Democratic Senate Majority Leader, Schumer is pushing hard for government involvement with AI not just from his own party members but from the GOP as well. One member of the bipartisan group put together by Schumer is Republican Sen. Todd Young of Indiana, who believes the effort “will be a comprehensive way” that “key policy issues, opportunities, and threats” related to AI can be explored by Congress.

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