Sanctuary City Mayors Beg for $5 Billion in Aid

( – A number of Democrat mayors have requested a dramatic increase in federal funding in order to deal with large numbers of immigrants arriving in their “sanctuary cities”. Whereas previously the mayors of Denver, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, and Houston had proclaimed their cities as safe and welcoming places for all migrants, now the city officials find themselves struggling with the consequences of large numbers of incomers.

With illegal border crossings reaching an all-time high, some Republican leaders in border locales have responded by sending migrants by the coachload to so-called “sanctuary cities” where Democrat authorities have publicly voiced their support of migrants, legal or otherwise. One particularly notable example of this is Texas Governor Greg Abbott being reported to have sent over 50,000 migrants to such liberal cities already.

The mayors of these cities have now made clear the strain on their already depleted coffers that this level of immigration creates. Despite President Biden already agreeing to request $1.4 billion of federal aid in additional emergency fund to deal with the problem, the five Democrat mayors have complained that it will not be close to enough money for their needs. Instead, they have written to the President to request a national response to the immigration that is devastating their cities’ resources, and to request a further $5 billion to deal with the matter. According to the letter, Denver alone is spending $2 million each week just to provide shelter for migrants. Chicago currently has a budget deficit of $538 million, exacerbated by the $320 million it has spent so far on providing resources for migrants.

The five mayors all flew to Washington D.C. to attempt to lobby the President further, although New York City’s Mayor Adams returned home only minutes before a meeting was scheduled to begin on November 2, citing an undisclosed issue that required his urgent attention. It is not yet clear how successful the mayors’ lobbying attempt has been.

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