San Francisco Apologizes For “Systemic Discrimination”

( – The city of San Francisco has issued an official formal apology to black residents of San Francisco for the systemic discrimination it’s perpetrated for years.

San Francisco members of the city’s Board of Supervisors voted on a resolution to apologize to black residents for various acts of targeted violence and systemic discrimination and that the city would strive for “the rectification and redress of past policies and misdeeds.”

To start, the resolution stated that it “apologizes on behalf of the Board of Supervisors of the City and County of San Francisco to African Americans and their descendants for systemic and structural discrimination, targeted acts of violence, and atrocities.”

The pledge outlined in this resolution is the first recommendation that the Board of Supervisors committee has approved, but there are expected to be more changes coming for the city and the residents in it. Supervisor Hillary Ronen spoke about the protests and the change that many people in America were looking for following events such as the murder of George Floyd, which can be reflected in decisions like this.

“People in the United States were everywhere all across the country out in the streets and saying enough is enough,” said Ronen. “It was one of the most exciting moments that I’ve ever gotten to live through because it felt like there was a real fundamental change and reckoning happening.”

Although this is just the beginning, many have said that it’s a step in the right direction here and it’s a great way to continue making a difference even in times where something as pressing as Floyd’s murder is happening.

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