Sailor and Canine Companion Survive 3 Months Lost at Sea

( – An Australian sailor and his dog were discovered adrift in the Pacific Ocean after departing La Paz, Mexico, three months prior. Timothy Shaddock, 51, and his canine companion, Bella, had set out with excellent provisions, but one month into their journey the boat suffered damage in a terrible storm. The storm destroyed the boat’s electronics, leaving Shaddock unable to cook food, use his communication system, or even pilot the craft effectively.

Despite the catastrophic damage, Shaddock told reporters that he did his best to stay positive. He passed the time fixing whatever he could, swimming in the ocean, and fishing. The fish he caught became his and Bella’s sole source of food, which they had to eat raw, having no cooking facilities after the storm. The raw fish, along with the rainwater they managed to collect, kept them alive until they were miraculously rescued by the crew of a passing tuna boat.

It was the pilot of the tuna boat’s helicopter that first spotted Shaddock’s catamaran floating approximately 1200 miles away from land. The pilot realized the danger that the sailor was in and managed to throw a drink to him before returning to the tuna boat to organize a rescue. Shaddock and Bella were brought aboard the vessel and received much-needed food, water, and medical attention.

Bella soon became a popular member of the crew and was even adopted by crew member Genero Rosales. Shaddock explained that Bella had only been his dog since he had found her as a stray in Mexico. He had already tried to find her a permanent home three times during his stay, but she had preferred to stay by his side in the water.

Shaddock told reporters that he would rest and recuperate more fully before returning home to Australia and that he looked forward to being reunited with his family back home. A doctor confirmed that Shaddock was doing well after such an ordeal and was showing healthy vital signs. Shaddock has expressed his tremendous gratitude to the crew of the tuna boat for saving both him and Bella, adding that he had not expected to survive after losing power at sea.

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( – GOP presidential candidate and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is preparing a media run on the left-leaning legacy media networks, marking a new phase for his campaign after failing to increase his poll numbers since entering the race.

After shunning the mainstream media throughout his campaign so far, DeSantis will make an appearance on CNN’s Jake Tapper for an interview. The one-on-one comes right after DeSantis’ campaign fired a bunch of staffers working in event planning, another sign that the campaign will be shifting strategy.

Despite the speculation that the DeSantis campaign is having financial problems, it’s raised more money in its first quarter than the rest of its competitors, including President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump. With $12.2 million in the coffers, the DeSantis campaign comes in third for most funds among GOP candidates. There are also super PACs supporting the Florida governor, including Never Back Down which boasts around $120 million and growing.

A senior campaign advisor for Trump, Jason Miller, said DeSantis’ attempts to shift gears in his campaign are a sign of desperation. He said DeSantis’ poll numbers have been “dropping like a rock” and accused DeSantis of trying to attach his name “to something or somebody” who is popular to stay relevant. This includes Iowa Gov. Kim Reynolds, who Miller says DeSantis is trying to associate himself with because of the governor’s popularity in his state. DeSantis responded to Trump’s criticism of Reynolds supporting him by stating Reynolds is someone DeSantis would consider for a running mate.

DeSantis was showing as the primary frontrunner in a few state and national polls after the midterms in November. While most Republican candidates across the country underperformed in the midterms, DeSantis won re-election in Florida by a steep 19 points.

Trump regained the lead in polls, especially after being indicted on multiple felony charges by the District Attorney of Manhattan a few months ago. Rather than hurting Trump’s popularity, the indictment gave him a boost, as many Republicans view the case as a political witchhunt to try and push Trump out of the race entirely. His Super PAC also spent over $20 million on anti-DeSantis campaign ads.

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