Russia Recruiting Ukrainian Teenagers For Russian Military?!

( – There has been a growing concern about Russia’s agenda in the Ukrainian war as many details have surfaced of the Russian government abducting and recruiting children and teenagers for their military.

There have been multiple reports of Russia abducting Ukrainian children and teenagers during the current war and sending them back to Russia. When the children or teenagers turn 18, they are signed up for recruitment in the Russian military.

Bohdan Yermokhin is one example; he was deported from Ukraine into Moscow on a government plane and put in a foster family where Russian government propaganda and nationalism were pushed on him. When he turned eighteen, he received a letter to summon him for Russian military recruitment.

“I was told that Ukraine was losing, that children were used for organ donations there, and that I would be sent to war right away. I told them that if I was sent to the war, at least I would fight for my own country, not for them,” Yermokhin said.

He was part of a group of children named “Mariupol 31” that were taken to Russia. Twenty thousand Ukrainian children have been forced into Russia and over two thousand Ukrainian children are missing, though the number may be higher.

Ukraine’s human rights commissioner Dmytro Lubinets said that he believes Putin’s agenda for taking Ukrainian youth is to destroy the Ukrainian identity. “We now have examples of the forcible mobilization of Ukrainian people. All Ukrainian teenagers held in Russia, when they turn 18, they are put on a (recruitment) list of the Russian military,” he said.

Many have said that following this sort of recruitment, Russia would push the people to believe they were Russian, they’d get a passport, and they would be forced into being “Russian.” Yermokhin said that the process described is exactly what he went through but that Russia just wasn’t consistent with it at the time.

“I was always told that I was from Russia and that I was born in Russia, that there is no Ukraine, and that it simply did not exist, that Mariupol was Russia. But in my Russian passport, my place of birth was listed as ‘Ukraine, the city of Mariupol,’” Yermokhin said.

The Human Rights Watch has said that Russia is committing a crime if they are pressuring people to join their military as specified under the Geneva Conventions.

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