Russia Launches Another Attack On Ukraine?!

( – Russia has continued its intense attacks on Ukraine with its most recent one on Tuesday, which struck Kyiv. We’ve seen one prior escalated-targeted attack which led to the belief that many more were soon to come.

This attack could set the tone for 2024 and the rest of the war between Russia and Ukraine. It lasted for about four hours and consisted of the launching of 12 ballistic missiles and 35 Iranian-made drones.

101 people were injured and at least 5 were killed in these attacks, which took place in two of the biggest cities in Ukraine: Kyiv, the capital, and Kharkiv. The location of these air attacks was purposeful, and it was hinted that they were retaliatory attacks on Ukraine.

The Russian Defense Ministry states that they were targeting “depots storing missiles, ammunition and air-launched weapons supplied by the West,” as well as Ukrainian missile and drone plants.

“The strike achieved the objective. Every target was hit,” he continued. Russia continues with its civilian-targeted strikes and increased military force as the New Year commences.

Russia had previously targeted civilian areas in Ukraine over the weekend by firing 9 missiles and utilizing 49 drones. Russia seems to be targeting civilian populations and increasing the intensity of its attacks.

However, they accused Ukraine of a strike on Saturday in Belgorod, Russia that killed 21 people, which Russian President Vladimir Putin referred to as a “terrorist attack.”

“Of course, it is a terror attack, there is no other way to describe it,” he said, also mentioning that these attacks would “not go unpunished”. Those were his words the day before this airstrike was acted out.

Many are stressing that the attacks from Russia may get worse and that support for Ukraine is more important than ever. A push for better air defense for Ukraine is essential as they are not expecting Russia to back down any time soon, especially with their missile attacks.

There is no end in sight for the Ukraine-Russian war just yet as things are expected to intensify over the next coming months setting a dire tone for 2024.

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