Ron DeSantis Does Better In Swing States Than Trump

( – According to a poll that was conducted in various swing states, Florida Governor and GOP presidential candidate Ron DeSantis is performing better than former president Donald Trump. The poll also reveals that DeSantis could feasibly defeat President Joe Biden in swing states like Georgia, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. The poll indicates that DeSantis has around 48 percent of the vote in each of these vital swing states, compared to Biden’s 40 percent. According to the poll, Trump would actually lose to Biden in each of these states, meaning that DeSantis’ odds have drastically gone up compared to Donald Trump’s. The poll in question was conducted by Public Opinion Strategies, a national political research firm. Although DeSantis did well in the poll, in other polls Donald Trump still remains the most favored GOP candidate.

Despite Trump’s lead over DeSantis in various polls, including one conducted by Emerson College, DeSantis has actually grown in popularity in recent months. Trump still maintains a lead of over 30 percent, but DeSantis has begun to catch up with him by gaining points in recent months. Trump’s declining popularity could be a result of various instances, including the federal indictment that shook his presidential campaign just weeks ago. DeSantis has also been openly critical of Trump’s policies while he was president, identifying how he would do things differently should he be nominated by the GOP. DeSantis even focused on Trump’s various appointees to the Supreme Court, noting how his picks would differ should he win the 2024 election.

DeSantis noted Supreme Court Justices Samuel Alito and Clarence Thomas and called them the “gold standard” that his nominations to the court would be compared before vowing to pick more conservative justices than Donald Trump. DeSantis has used his various public appearances to discuss Trump’s shortcomings as a political official but has been more focused on criticizing President Biden for his various failures as the chief executive. Among the topics DeSantis has touched on include inflation, abortion, and freedom of speech, all issues that will remain at the forefront of next year’s election.

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