RFK Jr. Ramps Up His Attacks On Biden

(VitalNews.org) – It appears Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is now taking off the gloves when it comes to his rival, President Joe Biden, for the Democratic nomination in 2024, and is increasing the harshness of his criticism and calling for a probe into Biden’s alleged bribery scheme.

Kennedy spoke with Fox News on Sunday and said the allegations that the president and his son, Hunter Biden, of accepting millions in bribes are worth investigating. He said “the issues” arising “are worrying enough” that a “real investigation” is needed to get to the bottom of it. Kennedy said if the “revelations” of corrupt companies paying out millions of dollars to “Hunter and his dad” are true, then it’s “really troubling.”

Since announcing his candidacy for the 2024 presidential election, Kennedy has been noticeably light on his criticism of Biden, who he is competing against for the Democratic nomination. When asked about the Biden scandal last week, Kennedy shrugged it off and said he’s tried to only “focus on issues” and “on the values” rather than on “ad hominem attacks on people” while campaigning.

The Fox News host asked Kennedy if “alleged corruption” is something he thinks “voters should be concerned about.” The presidential candidate replied that “every side” should be concerned with it, but that he’s not making it a “spear tip” of his campaign.

Now Kennedy is changing his tune after Indiana Sen. Chuck Grassley released an FBI record which alleges that the president and his son each received half of the $10 million paid out to them from the founder of the company Burisma Holdings. The $5 million payment they each received followed threats from Biden to withhold financial aid to Ukraine unless the former Ukrainian president fired a prosecutor who was investigating the company.

A majority of Republicans and independents support investigations into the allegations against the Biden family and believe congressional probes into their corruption should be prioritized. Kennedy’s new position diverges greatly from the rest of his party, although it isn’t the first time he’s taken a different stance than most Democrats.

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