Republican Candidates Multiplying As Former Gov. Asa Hutchinson Joins Race

( – On Wednesday, April 26th, Asa Hutchinson, former Governor of Arkansas, announced the launch of his campaign for president in 2024.

Hutchinson highlighted his numerous qualifications as a conservative candidate saying that over his career his “mettle has been tested” as a two-term congressman and former federal attorney. Hutchinson highlights his long-standing as a “consistent conservative.”

The former Arkansas Governor also served in the Drug Enforcement Administration as an administrator and in the Department of Homeland Security as an undersecretary during former President George W. Bush’s administration.

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, White House Press Secretary during former President Trump’s administration, succeeded Hutchinson as governor when his term came to a close. 

Upon the close of Hutchinson’s term as governor, he began touring the first states on the list holding GOP primaries nominating the next presidential candidate. Iowa topped Hutchinson’s tour of these states and he has since returned there numerous times within the last couple months. Visits to New Hampshire and South Carolina, second and third in primary order, reflected his pursuit of the nomination before his official announcement.

In the last few years, Hutchinson has stood apart from the crowd of GOP lawmakers in a few key ways that still carry weight within the party. During the health crisis of 2020 when mandates came down from Washington to shelter in place and lockdown cities and towns across the country, Hutchinson stood firm and kept Arkansas running, saving small businesses and keeping kids in school more than most states.

“When I had pressure from Washington and the national media to shelter in place, I said ‘no.’ And the result was that our businesses survived and we had more days of in-classroom instruction during the pandemic than almost any other state. Yes, that’s right… we beat Florida!” Hutchinson said in prepared remarks to Fox News.

Hutchinson stands apart another way from other candidates and potential candidates as a vocal critic of Trump he has pointed to the attack on the U.S. Capital on January 6, 2021 by supporters of Trump that make him unqualified to serve. 

During his formal announcement in his hometown of Bentonville, Hutchinson didn’t mention the former president, instead focusing on his experience, commonsense, and heartland values.

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