Ramaswamy Wants to Focus on Mental Health to Fight Crime

(VitalNews.org) – Taking another controversial position while campaigning, entrepreneur and presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy thinks one of two important ways to reduce crime is to consider reviving mental health institutions.

Across the country, six major US cities with district attorneys backed by billionaire George Soros have seen a spike in crime. Since 2021, according to the Chicago Police Department, there’s been an 82% increase in crime in that city alone. Aside from the light response from DAs, the current state of law enforcement is also due to the pandemic lockdowns and the death of George Floyd which sparked an increase in widespread discontent with the police.

Ramaswamy told host Brian Kilmeade he thinks two things can be done immediately to lessen the crime waves.

The first proposal he makes is to stop funding localities with federal grant money “unless they’re allowing cops to do their jobs.” Ramaswamy says the way to “address crime in this country” is to get “more cops on the street” who don’t have to “look over their shoulder” or “fear being sued” for doing their job.

The second proposal from Ramaswamy is more controversial, and that is to “bring back mental health institutions” to deal with what he calls an “epidemic across this country.” He said the US has “seen a spike in violent crime” ever since “we sought closure of mental health institutions.” Ramaswamy clarified that he doesn’t think this means putting a bunch of people on “Zoloft and Seroquel,” but that it “means restoring purpose, faith-based approaches” to handling the mental health crisis.

Ramaswamy said raising the discussion about “cops doing their jobs” and bringing back institutions for the mentally ill is currently “politically incorrect,” but it’s the only way to “address violent crime.”

Currently the third leading contender for the GOP nomination, Ramaswamy recently took part in his first-ever political debate when he joined fellow nominee candidates for the first Republican debate hosted by Fox News for the 2024 election. Former President Donald Trump, who Ramaswamy is a fan of, skipped the debate and instead premiered a conversation with former Fox host Tucker Carlson the same night.

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