Ramaswamy and Haley Plow Ahead on Campaign Trail

(VitalNews.org) – While former President Donald Trump remains the clear frontrunner and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis fights to stay in second place, two other Republican hopefuls are duking it out over the third spot in the GOP primary poles as they each mount a traditional campaign trail in Iowa.

Ramaswamy’s campaign said in a recent statement that the presidential candidate “will hold events in 29 of Iowa’s 99 counties,” bringing him “closer to making history.” If Ramaswamy completes the “Full Grassley” again, he will be the first presidential candidate in American history to make the run “twice over.”

The “Full Grassley” refers to 90-year-old Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa. Grassley made it a standard practice when campaigning to hit every single one of the Hawkeye State’s 99 counties, an idea Ramaswamy hopes to emulate by hosting 29 town halls throughout Iowa. He kicked off the run on Tuesday, December 12, at the Northwood Public Library’s Olsen Room in Northwood. His final stop will be at Misty’s Malt Shop in Keosauqua.

The exact number of visits tallied by Ramaswamy’s campaign isn’t clear, nor whether or not he’ll actually be able to complete a double “Full Grassley” in time to break the record.

Former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley is also campaigning heavily but has her focus on New Hampshire, where she will conduct a series of back-to-back town halls, according to her campaign. Despite how well he’s doing, Haley remains ahead of Ramaswamy in the polls, and the two candidates seem to be developing an exclusive rivalry.

The pair of contenders recently went toe-to-toe during the last GOP primary debate where Ramaswamy held up a sign that said, “Nikki = Corrupt.” Ramaswamy criticized Haley’s foreign policy positions, accusing her of being willing to send American kids “to die so she can buy a bigger house.” The stunt became a viral moment, sparking a firestorm on social media.

The debate moderator asked Haley if she wished to respond to the claim, to which Haley said, “No,” stating it wasn’t worth her time.

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