Putin Warns NATO Of War!

(VitalNews.org) – Vladimir Putin, the Russian President, has spoken out in response to the French President’s remarks by declaring war if NATO sends troops into Ukraine.

Putin spoke at his state-of-the-nation address saying “The West must realize that we also have weapons that can hit targets on their territory. All this really threatens a conflict with the use of nuclear weapons and the destruction of civilization. Don’t they get that?”

Putin’s remarks are a direct response to the French President, Emmanuel Macron after he said that NATO would ground troops in Ukraine to help end the war with Russia. Macron’s remarks were disliked among all members of NATO as they would instigate conflict with Russia on behalf of everyone in NATO.

Macron stated that NATO hadn’t spoken about placing ground troops in Ukraine, but that it “hasn’t been ruled out.” These statements would later be spoken about by many NATO leaders claiming that they would not deploy troops in Ukraine, as this would lead to an “inevitable” conflict with Russia.

Putin said that the West was trying to drag them into an “arms race” while also mentioning that he was open to conversation with the United States. He claimed Russia was facing “international terrorism” and he thanked Russian civilians for sticking together as he led his speech with “We shall overcome anything together.”

“Our Motherland is standing up for its sovereignty and security,” Putin said as he followed with a moment of silence for Russian troops. He continued by praising troops and speaking on the battlefield experience they’ve gotten since fighting in Ukraine. Putin’s speech was an hour long and it covered many different topics including “the internal political calendar.”

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