Putin Looks to China for Closer Military Collaboration

(VitalNews.org) – Vladimir Putin has expressed his desire for Russia and China to work more closely together on military and other defense projects. The Russian President spoke to a senior Chinese official on Wednesday November 8 of his desire for increased collaboration between the two powers, particularly in areas of high-tech military development.

Putin made his aims clear during a televised conference with General Zhang Youxia, China’s second highest ranking military official. Russia and China have grown increasingly close in recent years as they have sought to strengthen their international positions through a tactical partnership, or as Beijing announced last year, a “no-limits friendship”.

President Putin denied that the two nations, once Communist rivals, were building an alliance in the manner of the Cold War, but instead stated that their strong cooperation would help to “stabilize” the international arena. Russia and China are frequently positioned against the US and its allies in terms of geopolitics, a fact highlighted by a bipartisan report issued by the US Congress in October warning of the possibility of a US war against both Russia and China simultaneously.

The Chinese Communist Party responded by warning the US not to “play with fire” lest it be burned. Putin has also accused the US of fueling international tensions by forming “AUKUS”, the security alliance created in 2021 between Australia, the UK and the US.

Moscow and Beijing have made sure to show support for each other’s military actions and aims in recent years. Beijing has previously criticized the West for its role in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, accusing the US and NATO of provoking Russia into its invasion. Moscow has stated its support for Beijing in regard to its position on Taiwan. China’s President Xi Jinping has vowed to bring the island under full Chinese control, whereas Taiwan, a democratic republic, wishes to retain its independence.

While meeting with General Zhang, President Putin spoke of plans to collaborate with China in several areas of military development, including innovations in weapons building and in space. He also emphasized the importance of the two nations practicing joint naval and military drills, something they have already undertaken multiple times in recent years. Putin described the burgeoning alliance as a “calm and balanced” response to US actions around the world.

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