Push For Aid To Radiation Victims From U.S. Nuclear Plant?!

(VitalNews.org) – The new film Oppenheimer won awards at the 2024 Oscars but it also showed the dangerous effects of being near a nuclear site, which has brought on a call for aid again to those who are in the vicinity of a nuclear plant.

The Trinity Test, which is an event that the film Oppenheimer revolved around, marked the dawn of the nuclear age. With this, there is a new focus on Capitol Hill for the Americans affected by nuclear power and testing.

One family, the family of Tina Cordova, like others, has dealt with the effects of living near a nuclear plant such as cancer, which is an effect of being near the radiation. Cordova was diagnosed at 39 years old with Thyroid cancer and she said she wasn’t surprised and immediately knew of the connection to the nuclear plant. “We don’t ask if we’re going to get cancer,” she said, “we ask when it’s going to be our turn.”

Since 1990 the government has compensated some families who have been affected by the Radiation Exposure Compensation Act, but funding for the program has brought on concerns. However, the Senate just approved funding the program again for another five years.

Missouri Senate Josh Hawley said, “This is about doing basic justice by the working people of this nation, whom their own government has poisoned.” Hawley said that St. Louis has seen a huge number of cancer cases and that their area is still affected by World War II radioactive waste that was processed in the area.

Many lawmakers were not on board with the program as they were concerned about funding, but other lawmakers pushed for it and compared those characters in Oppenheimer to the real people who are struggling with the effects of radioactive materials.

Biden has expressed support for the bill and said that he will sign off on it if it’s approved and passed to him.

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