Project Veritas Exposes 8GB of CCP Plans for Future

( – Project Veritas released a new story last week about the acquisition of almost eight gigabytes of data from China about the government’s “five-year plan” to establish Chinese hegemony.

A tip was sent to the non-profit investigative journalist organization about a web server belonging to a Chinese state-sponsored enterprise which was exposed and accessible to the public. The Project Veritas team managed to download around 400 files from the server without using a password.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is utilizing these business plans “to grow its technological and military infrastructure,” said Hannah Giles, CEO of Project Veritas. She also told Gateway Pundit that the investigative journalist non-profit “released these… plans to the public” for the sake of “transparency,” which she said “is the greatest weapon in pursuit of the truth.”

The documents obtained revealed details about CCP projects approved in 2020, some of which focus on advanced technological developments in artificial intelligence, nuclear technology, biotechnology, and other areas, many of which have the potential for military application. The documents also contained details of advanced manufacturing projects in medical and agricultural equipment, and the manufacturing of chemical compounds and materials.

Through several different CCP programs, like the “Thousand Talents” program, many of the people involved in this research and developing these projects work with private companies and public universities from around the world, including the U.S., Israel, the United Kingdom, Canada, Japan, Australia, Germany, and France. Under the administration of former President Donald Trump, oversight of these programs existed until President Joe Biden’s administration rolled back such oversight in 2021.

According to intelligence agencies around the world, including the FBI, the CCP is using its state-sponsored enterprises to attempt to establish China as the only world superpower.

All of the data acquired by Project Veritas about these CCP plans can now be found online.

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